Digital Manufacturing

The Modern Day Manufacturing Brain Drain

The Manufacturing Brain Drain Explainer

The term “brain drain” emerged in the 1950s when many British scientists, engineers, and intellectuals emigrated from the UK to the US for better working conditions.

Digital Twins are Getting Smarter

Intelligent Digital Twins

Interest in digital twinning has grown alongside AI and ML. The evolution toward IDTs is a significant shift toward autonomous, predictive, and prescriptive digital tools.

Intelligent Digital Twins and the DIKW Pyramid

Intelligent Digital Twins and the DIKW Pyramid

Michael Grieves, recognized for pioneering the concept of digital twins, critiques the traditional model for going from data to wisdom in a new preprint article published on

The Parallel Evolution of MBSE and CubeSats

MBSE and CubeSats

Let’s dive into the interplay between CubeSats and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), two innovations that have mutually benefited each other while evolving in tandem.