Why Did Apple Acquire Darwin AI?

Apple has acquired the Canadian artificial intelligence start-up Darwin AI as part of its broader push into AI technology.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple quietly acquired the Canadian start-up for an undisclosed price earlier this year. Darwin AI makes AI neural networks smaller and faster so they can perform in spite of device limitations.

It also provides context for how AI makes decisions to improve usability and build trust.
Darwin AI has had some big collaborations since 2020, including Audi, Intel, Nvidia, Honeywell, and Lockheed Martin, according to Seeking Alpha.

The start-up’s website and social accounts have been deleted.

Computerworld Apple Holic Jonny Evans noted that Darwin is primarily focused on machine vision intelligence, smart manufacturing, machine learning efficiency, and edge-based intelligence.

Evans suggested Apple may be leveraging the tech for its own production lines.

“Doing so could help the company on its quest to build a circular manufacturing system and drive efficiencies on its increasingly global network of iPhone production lines” he wrote.

In 2023, Apple led the tech industry in AI startup acquisitions, according to 9to5Mac.com.

Apple’s acquisition strategy focuses on early stage startups, investing in emerging AI trends before they go mainstream.

Apple is expected to introduce new AI features in iOS 18. Apple fans are eagerly awaiting what’s rumored to be one of the operating system’s most substantial updates.