Voice of the Customer (VoC) in the Digital Thread [Visual Explainer]

In a digital thread framework, Voice of the Customer (VoC) involves integrating customer feedback, preferences, and experiences directly into the interconnected data flow spanning the entire product lifecycle. By weaving VoC into the digital thread, manufacturers can ensure customers’ input is available whenever it can be actioned.

Collecting VoC Data

VoC sources can include direct customer surveys, interviews, focus groups, customer support tickets, online reviews, social media comments, and feedback from sales and marketing. This data can be collected manually or automated.

Integrating the Customer Voice

A combination of systems and technologies are often used to integrate VoC data into the digital thread, including CRM, PLM, ERP, business intelligence tools, help desk software, content management systems, communication platforms, and a host of AI and machine learning tools.

Enhanced Product Development

With VoC data readily available, product development teams can see how customer requirements and feedback impact design decisions, manufacturing processes, and product performance.

Customer-centric Decisions

Digital threads facilitate data-driven decision making across the product lifecycle. Ensuring the customer’s voice is part of the digital thread ensures decisions are made with actual customer data.

Improved Agility

Incorporating real-time VoC insights into the digital thread positions manufacturers to better adapt to customer expectations as they shift over time.

Predictive Analysis

The more VoC data is analyzed over time, the better companies can predict customer trends and preferences so they can tackle them proactively in the development of new products and enhancements.

Quality Control

Continuous feedback loops within the digital thread help pinpoint quality issues quickly so they can be actioned before they cause disruptions. The VoC data helps teams continuously improve throughout the product lifecycle.

Enriching the Product Lifecycle

Incorporating VoC into the digital thread injects customer-centric insights into the whole product lifecycle. This equips manufacturers to develop products that better meet market demands and customer expectations.