Responsible Digital Twins? New Capabilities Table Adds ‘Responsibility’ as Core Component

The Digital Twin Consortium has introduced “responsibility” as a core capability in its updated Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table.

The Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table organizes and outlines the essential features and tech needed to effectively build and manage digital twins.

The consortium was founded in 2020 to champion digital twin adoption. When they introduce guidelines or new capabilities, they influence how companies design, develop, and deploy digital twins. The table is technology agnostic, focusing on capabilities over specific tech. The updated table emphasizes ethical considerations in digital twinning. 

In a press release, the consortium said “this encapsulates ethics, ESG criteria, AI explainability, and fairness, underscoring the need for responsible and trustworthy digital twin operations.”

The consortium says it’s developing Version 2 of the framework. They’re seeking input from members as they consider increasing interoperability with AI enhancements and better incorporating geospatial and related spatial computing topics.

Other updates include:

  • Search capability that helps digital twins efficiently manage and wade through complex data
  • Augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR) have been combined into one definition: XR
  • Domain Specific Data Management reclassification includes data types like geospatial that are important for digital twins
  • Structured abbreviations have been adopted for easier and quicker reference to different capabilities
  • Capability mapping guide to help users transition from the old version to the new one.

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