Robotics Czar, Sweeping National Strategy, and Government Funding Urged by Automation Trade Group

North America’s largest automation trade association has issued a bold call for the government to up its involvement in the advancement of robotics. 

The Association for Advancing Automation, or A3, represents more than 1,250 organizations entrenched in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision and imaging, motion control, and other industrial automation tech. The organization’s new advocacy principles calls for a sweeping national approach to robotics, including a robotics czar and a cross-government task force. 

A3 points to countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and Germany that have already established national robotics strategies.The Chinese government, for example, is determined to dominate humanoid robotics by 2027. 

A3 is calling for government agencies to directly invest in new and emerging advanced robotics. 

In the future A3 envisions, robots are normalized beyond industrial applications with:

  • Exoskeleton robots helping the handicapped walk
  • Guide robots assisting the blind 
  • Domestic robots doing household chores for assisted living
  • Environmental robots cleaning up parks and beaches
  • Humanoid robots performing complex home and work tasks and
  • Surgical robots providing medical care for underserved populations 

A3 is also asking policymakers to provide tax incentives for robotics investments and improved workforce training and education. Noting that robotics roles pay 30% more than average entry-level manufacturing jobs, A3 calls for increased funding and support for programs to prepare the Gen Z workforce for careers in automation. 

A3 was founded in 1974 and is based in Michigan. 

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