Industry 5.0 Jobs Report: 2030 Edition

Of course no one really knows what job titles will be the most in demand in the not-so-distant future, but it’s fun to speculate. Manufacturing industry analysts agree that company org charts will look much different in 2030 than they to today.

The Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC) estimates that up to 65 percent of job roles in 2030 do not yet exist in 2023. Most of the new roles involve digital manufacturing and advanced manufacturing technologies as manufacturers scale their sprawling digital transformation initiatives globally.

Here are just some of the Industry 5.0 job roles that could be big in 2030:

Human-Technology Integration Engineer

Implants human skills, logic, and creativity into advanced technology systems.

AI Ethics Compliance Specialist

Ensures artificial intelligence (AI) systems in manufacturing settings adhere to increasingly stringent ethical guidelines and government regulations.

Personalized Product Design Engineer

Specializes in the rapid production of highly personalized products leveraging AI, additive manufacturing, and other advanced manufacturing technology.

Smart Factory Supply Chain Integration Engineer

Integrates Internet of Things (IoT), AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies to maximize supply chain resilience and efficiency in smart factories.

Cobotics System Analyst

Analyzes and improves the efficiency of collaborative robots working alongside humans in the manufacturing workforce.

Digital Twin Architect

Creates and manages virtual replicas of physical entities for process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Robotics System Integrator

Engineers, deploys and maintains advanced robotic systems to work seamlessly with humans and technology.

Interactive Technical Documentation Developer

Optimizes technical documentation for accessibility, understanding, and user engagement.

Knowledge Graph Engineer

Constructs and maintains knowledge graphs from interlinked systems and entities.

Documentation Quality Control AI Engineer

Engineers AI systems that automatically review tech docs for accuracy, usability, and completeness.

Digital Twin Validation Engineer

Conducts testing and validation of virtual replicas of physical entities.

Cyber-Physical Systems Engineer

Optimizes digital manufacturing technology with physical processes.

Digital Thread Analyst

Ensures end-to-end visibility and traceability o f products and processes.

Augmented Reality Technical Documentation Developer

Leverages augmented reality (AR) in technical documentations and instructional content.

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