Is the Industrial Metaverse Transforming Manufacturing?

What is the Industrial Metaverse?

The Industrial Metaverse is converging technologies that, when integrated properly, create immersive experiences for 3D virtual/physical environments intended for industrial applications.

Is the Industrial Metaverse transforming manufacturing?

According to Deloitte, about 92% of manufacturing leaders surveyed in 2023 indicated they were experimenting with the Industrial Metaverse or implementing at least one use case. Most were running five or six uses.

Use cases

Key industrial use cases, according to the Deloitte study, include:

  • Production (34%)
  • Customer interactions (21%)
  • Supply chain design (21%)
  • Talent (17%

Common use cases for the Industrial Metaverse for product engineering include:

  • Virtual product design
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Remote collaboration
  • Real-time documentation
  • Data visualizations
  • Maintenance and repair (MRO)
  • Quality control
  • Remote monitoring
  • and much more


Still there’s reluctance among manufacturing executives, tapering enthusiasm. Key challenges include implementation costs, lack of digitally skilled employees, and troubles integrating the technology with existing and legacy tech stacks.

Key moments in Metaverse history

1992: Snow Crash

The Neal Stephenson science fiction novel, Snow Crash, popularizes the term “metaverse,” conceptualizing the idea of virtual reality (VR)-based digital universe.

2003: Second Life

Second Life, a popular virtual world platform, is introduced by Linden Lab, one of the first metaverse-like environments.

2014: Oculus VR

Facebook acquires leading VR company Oculus VR.

2017: Mainstream interest

The metaverse concept gains steam when VR and augmented reality (AR) technology becomes more accessible in the consumer market.

2020: Pandemic accelerates growth

Interest in VR and AR technology skyrockets during the COVID-19 pandemic due to its virtual experience delivery and remote collaboration capabilities.

Industrial Metaverse today

Nearly two-thirds of manufacturing execs surveyed by Deloitte believe the technology will dramatically transform manufacturing in the next five years.

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