Step Inside the Human-centric Factory 5.0

The Factory of the Future

The concept of Factory 5.0 emerged during the progression of Industry 4.0 (the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR) as a more human-centric approach to manufacturing. Compared to 4IR, Factory 5.0 is more about a shift in perspective on priorities than radical technology advancements.

Human-centric Approach to Manufacturing

Factory 5.0 emphasizes the role of human workers. With robotics and automated manufacturing processes, it focuses on tasks that require human qualities like creativity, problem-solving, craftsmanship, and customizations.

Enhanced Worker Experience

Factory 5.0 aims to foster a more fulfilling and less stressful experience for manufacturing workers. With technology like cobotics and augmented reality (AR), human can focus more on innovation.

Advanced Technologies

Factory 5.0 builds on advancements in 4IR like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and factory robotics. During this stage, technologies are more seamlessly weaved into production processes.

Customized Products

Consumers are increasingly requesting customized product variants. With more agile and adaptable manufacturing processes, some manufacturers hope to offer personalization at scale.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Environmentally friendly production practices is a key element to the Factory 5.0 concept. This involves optimizing every stage of the product lifecycle for sustainability to reduce waste, increase product longevity, reuse and recycle, and optimize resources use.

Resilience and Adaptability

Digital transformations in manufacturing have already empowered organizations to pivot when market conditions or supply chain challenges disrupt business. In Factory 5.0, manufacturers are equipped to scale and shift through fluid global economic conditions.

Collaborative Ecosystems

While collaboration is a priority in 4IR, Factory 5.0 encourages communication across sectors and industries to drive innovation.


There isn’t a specific start date for Factory 5.0 as it’s more of a guiding principle than a distinct phase. The more possibilities 4IR unlocks, the more Factory 5.0, or Industry 5.0, enter discussions.