Explaining Digital Twin to a Preschooler

Imagine you have a favorite toy car you love playing with…

Now imagine it being magic and inside a computer screen that looks exactly like your real toy car. You can see it on the screen but you can’t touch it.

The magic car in the computer is called the “digital twin.”

It’s just like the real thing

A digital twin is like having a copy of your toy inside a video game. It looks the same and acts the same as your toy car.

See what happens

If you paint your toy car red or place a sticker on it, the magic version in the computer will change to match it. The digital twin copies everything the real toy does.

Fixing problems

If your toy car breaks, the digital twin can show you what’s wrong. It’s like having X-ray vision inside your toy.

Safe play

Before trying a stunt with your real car, try it with the digital twin to see if that’s a good idea or not.

Learning and fun

The digital twin makes it easy and fun to learn all about it.

How fast can it go? What makes it turn?