The Digital Loop in Manufacturing [Visual Explainer]

What is the Digital Loop in manufacturing?

The Digital Loop in manufacturing involves integrating technologies and data from disparate systems and environments to build a cohesive information flow that sets a continuous improvement cycle in motion enterprise-wide.

In sophisticated manufacturing ecosystems, data is relayed from many sources, including product lifecycle management (PLM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other enterprise business solutions.

Manufacturers who effectively process and distribute important data in a way that’s consumable and useful for the entire workforce empower:

Manufacturing leadership

Senior executives and decision makers get the the most current and accurate data available to base decisions on.


Engineers and technicians maximize machine efficiency while providing valuable insights.

Product teams

Product design and product development teams get immediate insights for rapid prototyping and development.

Quality control teams

Quality assurance specialists can proactively recommend actions to prevent issues before they occur.

Research and Development (R&D)

R&D teams can make better informed decisions about product developments and optimizations.

IT departments

IT and cybersecurity teams can ensure seamless flow of data and integrity of intellectual property (IP) and sensitive company info.

Maintenance and Repair (MRO)

MRO teams to leverage predictive maintenance for the company.

Data teams

Data scientists and analysts can extract meaningful insights with the best data possible to improve processes and products.