Cognitive Digital Thread

Cognitive Computing in a Digital Thread Framework

A cognitive digital thread leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to bring richer, smarter, more connected, and dynamic insights throughout a product or system lifecycle.

What is Cognitive Computing?

Cognitive computing uses AI and machine learning to mimic the functionality of the human brain. Self-learning systems use data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing to mirror how a person’s brain operates.

What is a Digital Thread?

In fully connected manufacturing ecosystems, the digital thread unleashes a powerful, dynamic, and highly efficient web of interconnected systems that manage and leverage data throughout the product lifecycle.

Deeper Insights

In a cognitive digital thread, data collected throughout an asset’s lifecycle is augmented by by AI and ML. Those insights facilitate truly data-driven decision making across the product lifecycle.

Predictive Analytics

A cognitive digital thread learns and adapts over time so accuracy and utility are continuously improved. Efficiency in design, manufacturing, and maintenance is enabled by the system anticipating needs and optimizing resources dynamically.

Extended Digital Thread

According to The Manufacturer, “With the technologies available today, a cognitive digital thread spans the entire product lifecycle within a company and extends outward to suppliers, customers, as well as products, and people in the field.”

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