CHIPS Act Funding to Go to $285 Million Digital Twin Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The Biden administration is planning a special center dedicated to digital twin technology for semiconductor manufacturing.

As part of the CHIPS for America Initiative, the government plans to spend around $285 million to support the new center.

A workshop in April 2024 explored how digital twins should work with data standards in the semiconductor industry.

The center’s funding is a fraction of the $280 billion made available through the CHIPS and Science Act.

Digital twins are gaining serious traction in the white-hot semiconductor industry. The global chip industry is increasingly leaning on advanced technologies as it pushes toward a $1 trillion USD valuation by 2030.

In Semiconductor Engineering, Laura Peters reports that digital twinning is emerging as a crucial tool for chipmakers seeking to drive innovation and efficiency without impacting actual production. The digital twin concept emerged in the early 2000s and gained traction in the 2010s, mostly for complex system applications in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries.

Creating virtual representations of complex semiconductor designs presents unique challenges. Still the high-level abstraction and comprehensive mapping needed to unlock efficiency in chipmaking is becoming accessible.

In an interview with Semiconductor Engineering, Sameer Kher, the senior director of product development for systems and digital twins at Ansys, said: “Digital twins have to happen because of the limits of what can be done in terms of gaining efficiencies going forward.”

Digital twins are virtual replicas of real-world entities that reflect their physical counterparts in real time. The simulation and modeling capabilities enable manufacturers to predict and fix issues before they cause disruptions and experiment without requiring physical prototypes.

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