Archetype AI Introduces ‘ChatGPT but for Physical Reality’ Model

A buzzy artificial intelligence startup wants to encode the physical world into an interactive digital model.

Emerging from stealth mode with $13 million in seed funding, the Palo Alto-based outfit has unveiled what it calls a foundational Physical AI model bridging digital and physical worlds.

Archetype AI calls itself a physical AI company “helping humanity make sense of the world.”

As co-founder and CEO, Ivan Pouprev explained to Wired Magazine, “Think of ChatGPT but for physical reality.” Pouprev is a computer scientist who’s worked for Sony, Disney, and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group.

Archetype is backed by tech and innovation powerhouses like Venrock, the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, and Hitachi Ventures.

The Newton model decodes real-world complexities by harnessing data from existing sensors that track motion, temperature, light, and more. Fusing multimodal temporal data with natural language, the Newton unlocks previously fantastical ways to understand and interact with physical objects.

The potential use cases are vast.

Archetype is positioning itself as a solution for anyone looking to fix real-world problems with innovation. Early adopters are using the tech to enhance construction safety, improve vehicle situational awareness, transform home security, and predictive maintenance for industrial equipment.

Targeting the trillion sensor economy, Archetype intends to embed itself in the automotive, consumer electronics, construction, logistics, and retail sectors.

The startup has entered a strategic partnership with Infineon to enhance functionalities in sensor-based chips.

Infineon got first access to the Physical AI platform to automatically write specific codes for sensors based on customer needs. The technology made devices more intuitive, able to recognize and react to human presence and behavior.

The smart devices can wake up or provide info without manual input. They can also respond to gestures.

Kim Lee, senior director of system applications engineering at Infineon, said in a news release, “The combination of Archetype’s foundation model and our portfolio of IoT and sensor solutions can bring the power of physical AI to millions.”

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