Expert Predictions for Digital Manufacturing in 2024

The following is an assortment of expert predictions about digital manufacturing in 2024. They are not my own.

Industrial Metaverse Winter

Paul Miller, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, predicts that more than 75% of metaverse projects will rebrand to differentiate them from consumer metaverse experiences. “In 2024, watch most of these projects quietly drop the metaverse label to ensure that they are able to keep their funding and executive sponsorship.”

Digital Technology Growth

Not only will investments in digital technologies continue, IDC predicts, but the expenditures will grow 7 times faster than the overall economy in 2024. IDC says “companies are compelled by market demands to grow digital business models and strengthen digital capabilities.”

Digital Thread Extension

Mark Morley, MBA of OpenText predicts manufacturers will continue embracing weaving digital threads through their digital ecosystems. “In 2024 we will see more extensive digital backbones being introduced across global manufacturing operations which in turn will allow digital threads to be established,” he wrote in OpenText’s blog.

Supply Chain Digitalization

Deloitte Insights predicts a significant portion of manufacturers will adopt digital tools for supply chain transparency. According to the Deloitte 2024 manufacturing industry outlook, “Manufacturers have pivoted toward digital supply chain solutions to help achieve better visibility across the value chain and bolster resilience.”

Digital Twins Surge

Manufacturing Today predicts: “Beyond real-time monitoring, digital twins in 2024 will also facilitate advanced scenario planning and troubleshooting, enabling manufacturers to simulate and predict the impacts of various operational changes and external factors on their systems.”

Automation to Address Workforce Attrition

Stephan Pottel, EMEA Practice Lead, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics at Zebra Technologies EMEA, predicts in The Manufacturer: “Expect manufacturers to focus on improving worker enablement in response to the labor challenge. They’ll look for tech partners that can provide advanced software solutions – even gamification – to create a competitive spirit among workers.”

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