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Expert B2B Digital Marketer for Hire

My passion is driving explosive revenue growth through targeted, cross-channel marketing campaigns. I’ve been generating leads in the enterprise technology space since 2008. My digital marketing strategies have led to companies changing sales processes to handle the increased volume. I am interested in working with innovative companies with ambitious growth targets.

I’ve been working in-house for leading-edge technology companies improving MQL conversions for campaigns related to digital transformation (DX), DevOps, Test Automation, product lifecycle management (PLM), customer experience (CX), printed circuit board (PCB) design, model based system engineering (MBSE), contact center assurance (CCA), ECAD/MCAD, and more.

My marketing career began when I took an entry-level SEO copywriter position at a small web design agency in 2008. Though I’ve gained experience in all facets of digital marketing, my career’s foundation has always been tied to search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). I have managed large-scale, global, multi-language paid search, display and remarketing campaigns that continually set company KPI records.

I have used a wide range of MarTech platforms for analytics, campaign management/optimization, web content management and marketing automation, including: Google Analytics (GA), Google Data Studio, Google Search Console (GSC), Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Salesforce (SFDC), Pardot, Marketo, SEMRush, Google Ads, Google Display Network, Screaming Frog, Monday.com, Bombora, VisitorTrack, Sitecore, WordPress, Verint, Net-Results, and more. I look forward to continuing to learn new technologies.

Mike Kalil, B2B Digital Marketer

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